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Indonesia on the World Map

This is Indonesia, A cluster of 18000 Emeralds Shining on the Equator… its no doubt The World’s Largest Archipelago which means that it has the Most Diverse Cultures, Ethnic Groups, Local Languages,Biodiversity and also the Marine-diversity in the World….

Indonesia has the Largest Rain forest incomparable to all of Asia and the Third Largest in the World after Brazil and Zaire. And because of its Lush Rain forest, it is also called “The Archipelago of Superlatives”. The Worlds Natural Wonders are found here, The World’s: Largest Bat, Longest Snake, Smallest Fish, Largest Cockroach,Largest Lizard, Largest Flower, and so Much more…

The Volcano Kingdom of 300+ Volcanoes that Run through Indonesia is Considered a blessing in disguise, Enriching the Earth of Indonesia which is said that putting a Stone and Stick on Indonesian Soil would turn into a Flora.

One side of an Island could be 180 Degrees Different From the other… and Parts of the World could even fit into just 1 Single Little Island…….Astonishing…

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Wonderful Indonesia – Heaven is for Real

INDONESIA – A Country With Thousand Destination..

Feel the experience

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Misi Gak Mungkin = Mission Imposible ‘Keroncong’ Version

Yeah! This is Mission Impossible’s theme song on Keroncong/kroncong version (Music typical of Indonesia)…

Click here to find out more about keroncong by wikipedia

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Comodo Dragon – The Real Drogon From Indonesia

This is real dragon… cool! – image by

Comodo/Komodo “ruler of the island of Komodo” is the largest lizard whose length can reach 3 meters and weigh about 70 to 90 kg. These animals found only in Komodo Island, Nusa Tenggara, Padar and Rinca and several small islands in the strait between Sumbawa and western and northern Flores, Indonesia. Komodo like living in holes in the ground, sometimes under a rock or tree root structure. These reptiles can move very quickly / run with the stomach without touching the ground but can also swim in the water ..

hei.. this is cute baby comodo/komodo.. xD – images by wikipedia

Komodo Dragon or better known as the call ‘Ora’ by local residents, life around Komodo Island cursory look like 500.000 years ago. Island population is only in the fishing village called ‘Komodo dragons’ where they get income from their farm goats to Komodo dragon food. Komodo Dragon is not Confined, but left free to walk around the surrounding areas of the island. If you come to Comodo island, you will Following ranger (guide) Walked among dozens of Komodo Dragon’s tail without any protection except a piece of wood. unforgettable experience on your  lifetime.

komodo dragon island – by

komodo on wikipedia <—> komodo on <—> VIDEO FROM NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

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